1. Yosua says:

    that is all that he can do. only get the 50K but that doesn’t cover not even half of my bills since he gets the third of the 50 K that leaves me with only 32K he wants me to sing the rleease form to the insurance for them to pay the 25K and I am basically sinning that the case is settle and the lady that hit me is free of all charges now and in the future but I don’t want to do that I want to see what is the possibility to be able to receive the 25K from there insurance and still be able to sue the lady on my own with out releasing her of anything all bills I have after some are cover by the 32K. is there more money I can get from the insurance since there limit is only 25K but my accident worths more than that? or is there something I can do to sue the lady with out relising her of any charge? only serious answers please

    • Kavya says:

      The amount vaiers for each item, but the discount may be as much as 25% (e.g. $500.00 discount on a MacPro) and is limited to 1 item per year for ADC Select members or 10 items per year for ADC Premier members.

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