Last Friday Hyper Crush invited us out to come kick it at their video shoot for “Kick us Out.” The entire operation was extremely well done and the video is definitely going to be dope. The mastermind behind the project was the Jonathon Lia, an amazing director notorious for hit music videos. Here are a few fun shots from the day, but we don’t want to give away too much of the video!! So enjoy:

The shoot was awesome, but it lasted all day!! We didn’t leave until 4 am and were loosing our minds at one point. Our buddy Mondo saved us by buying beers for the whole crew. H

Preston found an OG JT glove we used to rock back in the day! That brought back a ton of old memories Kev, Proh and Jay rolled by to check out the shoot. Far East Movement has been killing it recently, so it was good to see the guys between their world touring. One of Holly’s scenes. The big objects in the way were the camera equipment, I was trying to snap a quick one before we had to get out of their way. I’m gonna call this the turning point of the night… when everyone’s exhaustion, alcohol consumption and lack of food sent us spiraling into the dark side.

Yes. This happened. Mr H is making his cameo debut in the “Kick us Out” video!!! HHHHHH Yep. That too. Needless to say, we had a good time. Always a blast kicking it with Hyper Crush. Not a lot of people may know this, but here’s a fun snapple fact: Hyper Crush was the very first band we ever sponsored 3 years ago and we are still great friends. But keep an eye out for the release of the “kick us Out” video, and pick it up off of iTunes today!!! Nabi X HK Army
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  1. Conceicao says:

    i think that the interview was great and prosten and donny were answering everything ..maybe cause there was just one mic there wasnt too much there but this was a cool vid and donny dont want to see me on street fighter 2 turbo cause id smash!

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