Paintball is always a fun time… But if you really want the full war-game experience, you need to make it out to Chicago and participate in CPX’s Living Legends Scenario Event! CPX paintball field is home of one of the most massive scenario events in the country. They bring in over 2,000 people from around the world for their annual event. We attended this year’s event and Cassidy got some incredible footage! Check it out and we will see you at the next Living Legends event! HHHHHHH

Filmed & Edited by Cassidy Sanders
Song: The Warpath by Conner Youngblood
Additional footage from Justin Hafford of Social Paintball
And r7 Gun Footage from Kat Secor
  1. Kat Secor says:

    Love it !

    • Pami says:

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  2. Donna Hayes says:


  3. joseph says:

    SEXY <3

  4. Mudasir says:

    I am going to have to agree with David. This stemmed from a doiiussscn we were having. We don’t steal other sites ideas, unlike some do. We have a ton more things coming, so stay tuned and thanks for voting! Your feedback is needed.

    • Andreea says:

      Honestly, I’m Honestly, I’m getting very distapoinped in SocialPaintball right now. Watching your latest videos is like watching the movie 300 . Every second of video is slow-motion. It gets really old, really fast. You’re older videos from back in 2009 looked way better.You guys should consider looking at Cucuzza15 s videos. His are really well done, without a bunch of slow-mo, and he’s just a college kid from Ohio U. PLEASE cut back on the slow-mo .honestly.

      • Kyle says:

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    • Facrizio says:

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