When we met Escape the Fate two years ago at a little music festival called SoCal Rock Revolution, we had an natural connection, but we never anticipated growing simultaneously to this point. It’s really quite amazing that we were able to see the progression of both us and the band. Back then they had just gotten Craig on board and completed the, “This War is Ours” album, circa late 2008. We had just entered on the music scene and we definitely did not have tour buses. Armed only with stickers and tees, we somehow made it work. Cut to two years later; ETF is headlining their own nation wide tour, signed with Interscope, dropped an amazing self-title album, and to top it all off, Craig utilizes our HK bus for his own personal, private use. They roll with multiple buses and sell out 2,000+ capacity venues. It’s been irrevocably an astonishing adventure for both of us. Welcome to Salt Lake City, the home of magic underwear and low percentage alcohol. Aside from great slopes, there is not too much the city has to offer. Although, I do have to admit, our friends in Chelsea Grin come from SLC and they rock. When you live in Salt Lake, alcohol is much harder to come by. Few establishments such as this exist in the city, and as you can imagine, they are equally as crowded as Disneyland.

Enough about the city, let’s move on to the good stuff. This is a “day sheet.” If you ever find yourself on tour, this piece of paper becomes your daily bible. It essentially breaks down your entire day schedule and informs you of everything you’d need to know about the venue and the city. If you ever wanted to be a tour manager, take notes; creating a day sheet is 75% of your daily tasks. I’m not a photographer, but I take pleasure in documenting our trips. To be honest, I shoot with a pretty basic cannon and cheap flash. If it wasn’t for Jeremy Saffer hooking me up with live concert settings, I might have not captured a single usable image. Thanks Jeremy. I love this picture. When I see it, I can’t help but recall Deathklok’s “Fansong,” lyrics: You people out there give us something more than just record sales, You give us something to hate, And we hate you, You brainless mutants. Meet TJ. He is graciously filling in for Max on the road. Awesome guy and highly talented. I’ve seen my fair share of metal/rock performances, however, when it comes to fast fingers on the guitar, Monte is without a doubt the most talented. Just to put things into perspective, when we toured with Atreyu, their lead guitarist, Dan Jacobs, who is notorious for shredding, could not keep up with Monte. This photograph was completely accidental. I neglected to turn on my flash prior to shooting it, but to my surprise, it turned out clean. Craig’s face and stance has a bit of a majestic look to it. H. Steve Nabi X HK Army
  1. Bernard says:

    liz perdomo – Perfect! Congrats on your nmaggeeent Summer & Craig! love those clouds! and that one pic where they are touching lips yea ya know which one I am talking bout rawr!!! November 9, 2011 9:45 pm

    • Nilesh says:

      Wow, Amayzing!Where did´╗┐ you get your controller? did you have to prrgoam when each relay turned on and off in respect to the song? haha oh, and lastly how did you get the song and the lights to start to gether?By far the best show Ive Ever seen!Robbie

    • Shamsul says:

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