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SABR Starter Kit

The perfect kit for beginner paintball players. This kit ncludes SABR Paintball Marker, CO2/Air System and Speed/GFX Loader.

Price Starting At $172.85
Paintball CO2 Tank Paintball GFX Loader Paintball Marker SABR

What's Included In This Kit

The perfect paintball gun for starters.

The brand new SABR Paintball Marker by HK Army was created to bring an enjoyable experience at the entry level price. Composed of a robust, high-grade aluminum body, the SABR is built to withstand even the toughest beatings.

SABR Features
  • Minimal maintenance with quick-release Delrin bolt
  • Ergonomic feel with patented internal gas-through grip
  • High-grade aluminum body
  • Semi-automatic, mechanical firing
  • Ported 0.685 12” one-piece barrel
  • Adjustable clamping feed neck
  • Double finger trigger with safety switch
  • Adjustable FPS dial
  • Dual-breech flex ball detents
  • CO2 and Compressed Air compatible
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Choose between CO2 or Compressed Air.

The SABR Marker is compatible with both CO2 or Compressed Air Tanks.

CO2 Tank Features
  • Durable aluminum bottle
  • 20oz capacity
  • Lightweight DOT and TC certified
  • Five year retest cycle
Compressed Air Features
  • Consistent velocity in all weather conditions
  • Lightweight aluminum bottle
  • Low-pressure 3000psi regulator
  • Five year hydro retest cycle
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Choose between Gravity-Fed or Electric Loader.

The SABR Marker is compatible with both CO2 or Compressed Air Tanks.

GFX Gravity-Fed Loader Features
  • 200+ Round Capacity
  • Feeds 8+ Rounds per second
  • Integrated Vent Guiding Ramp (prevents jams and provides consistent feeding)
  • Low Profile design
  • Polishing accent detailing
  • Quick Change Lid with spring loaded hinge 
  • EVO Pro Speed Feed Compatible (EVO Lid not included)
Speed Loader Features
  • Single button, one-touch on/off
  • Jam-free technology
  • Tool-free battery door
  • Nylon shell construction
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SABR Beginner Paintball Marker - Dust Black / Black