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Boston Basket Baller Freeline Jersey

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Kristin Z
The jersey is good but…

My husband bought this jersey last year and loved it but needed a bigger size to fit arm pads so I ordered another size larger. It came in a brown camo nothing like the picture. When I reached out to customer service all they said it was different because their process changed. The product you get is the same pattern but completely different colors. He now looks nothing like the rest of his team. It’s a quality jersey still but misrepresenting from the picture

Lochlan Christian

I really like the look of the jersey, but I haven't gotten it yet, and I ordered it almost 2 and a half months ago... but I can't wait to wear it

Real nice jersey

Really nice jersey. Quality could be a little better but for being custom and the price tag it’s not bad. My only complaint is I wish It had half hands, besides that it looks amazing

Ronald Nelson Jr

Hostile Exotic - Freeline Jersey

Bianca Escamilla
Missing jersey

I have not received any info on the custom Chicago jersey. No confirmation code or anything! But my money was taken. It’s been a few weeks now!

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