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Start by choosing your Elite Pro Regulator and Extra Lite Carbon Fiber Bottle (3 6ci, 68ci or 80ci). The Elite Pro Reg makes a stellar enhancement to your air system aesthetic while delivering stable airflow for improved shot consistency at 450-650PSI output.

Price Starting At $284.95
Elite Pro Reg Build Your Elite Pro Tank

Here's What's Included

Unmatched Air Flow with Style

Build your own Aerolite Elite Pro Air System with an incredibly lightweight Carbon Fiber HPA Bottle and custom-milled Aerolite V2 Elite Pro Reg. EXO Regulator Case is not included with Elite Pro Reg.

Elite Pro Reg + Tank Benefits
  • Better accuracy: Consistent, stable air flow from the Elite Pro Reg helps improve accuracy by reducing volatility in shot velocity.
  • Customization: The Elite Pro Reg allows you customize the air pressure output from 450psi to 650psi, which can help you fine-tune your marker performance to suit your specific needs.
  • Improved performance: The Elite Pro Reg can help to maintain consistent and stable air pressure, which can improve the performance of your paintball marker.
  • Increased efficiency: The Elite Pro Reg can help to reduce the amount of air used, which can help to extend the amount of time you can play before needing to refill your air tank.
  • Enhanced durability: Upgrading to an Aerolite Elite Pro Regulator can maximize air system lifespan and reduce the need for repairs or replacements.
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