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Switch Wallet - Off Break - Black

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Reed Solomon
100% Honest Review.

I received this wallet as a gift from my father for Christmas. I've wanted this wallet for months even before joining the Army. When I opened the box, I noticed some stitching was loose that hadn't fully disconnected from the wallet, so it wasn't anything more than burning the ends down. I instantly noticed the amazing quality and durability of this amazing product. It's a very slim wallet that offers weight and a slick clean look. It's very simplistic and offers that non-bulky feel which helps considering I'm in the military. You shouldn't be too quick to judge the overall quality and build of this wallet due to the size portrayed in the pictures, you would assume surely. I've seen and had friends and family with "Money Clips" and Wallets of sort of the same build and size that just can't compete. The red HK-Army accents are a great touch to everything mentioned such as the size and overall look of the wallet. I recommend this wallet to everyone; it makes such a great gift especially those who are in the armed forces and would rather have a smaller sleek alternative to the larger bulky wallets. The switch lever is my favorite thing about this wallet, it allows me to prioritize the more important and used cards/IDs. It took me no time getting used to this wallet such as driving the biggest issue I thought I would run into. I have no issue with comfortability or even completing tasks that might hinder my performance in anything I do. This wallet is by far the best gift anyone could ask for. If I had use for more than 1 wallet, I would by multiple. I am in love with this wallet, its sleek build is complimented by the color scheme and awesome features included. I recommend this wallet to everyone as it is the best wallet I have ever had. Thank you for your time! Keep slaying it HK!!!

Stan Szostek
Switch wallet

My grandson Loves it.

Very nice!

I like! It’s nice. Actually it is well built and very slim. I just love being able to rep the sport during my normal day.


Love my wallet and it was fast

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