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Vizion Sunglasses Stealth

Customer Reviews

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William Schrader
Great adorable sun glasses

Good visibility and comfortable to wear. Recommend 10/10

Jimmy Sandoval
Great sun glasses

Great product. So stylish on the go.

Jonathan Lopez
Good quality sunglasses!

I was a little nervous getting these, because I'm picky about fitment. I also heard that they're cheap and feel cheap. I can tell you though, the fitment is good and the quality feel of the glasses is great! They fit my big head a little tight, but I figure they're new and still stiff, so give it time. The finish on these sunglasses looks pretty good! I'm very happy with how they look and feel. I think they'll end up lasting a long time. I bought these to replace my Jelly's that I've had for a few years. I think these will last just as long, and if I don't go swimming in them, maybe longer lol.

Robert Tavares

Vizion Sunglasses Fury

Shofijan Ronodikromo

Vizion Sunglasses Fury

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