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FLTRD Air - Neon Green - Carbon Filtered Face Mask

Customer Reviews

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Sovan San
Looks great!

Haven’t used it yet but love it so far!

Hk army

Fkn great 👍🏾

Evan Lerman
Love it! I can work hard with it and look good too

I am a package handler in a FedEx hub. It's a tough manual labor job, lots of heavy lifting and moving around. A mask I can breathe in while exerting myself has been impossible to find. I have been wearing all kinds of masks to work and I find myself gasping for air periodically between boxes. So I tried this mask and It is comfortable and I can breathe. I only had to pull it away from my face to gasp a couple of times, overall I just forgot I had it on, as it's adjustable and comfortable. Anyway, I ordered the other colors since they're darker, because the green already got a smudge stain from my packing gloves touching it after touching the boxes. I'll save the bright green for when I'm not working in the dirty hub. I wish the green wouldn't have shown the smudge so easily from some simple box residue (cardboard boxes have a little black dust on them that builds up on the gloves over time) but a wash partially removed the stain. I ordered another green one as well that I can keep clean.

More of these masks but with cool graphics would be hot.

Rafael vizcarrondo
Excellent service all around.

Want the best items on time and excellent customer service look no further... HK ARMY has you covered.

Tenna Firnstahl

Got the Neon green color, love it. Fits great with the adjustable straps and very breathable.

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